Dhruv Baker - MasterChef Winner 2010

Dhruv Baker

Masterchef Winner 2010

I’m Dhruv Baker, winner of MasterChef 2010 and am currently embarking on the exciting journey of making my passion my career. I have always loved food and having been given the opportunity to take this love and use it to make a living has been the most amazing gift imaginable.

I was born in Mexico where I lived till I was 4 when my family moved to India. At the time, without me realising, I was being deeply influenced by the cuisines and culinary wonders of these very different cultures. Having been fortunate enough to be exposed to everything that Indian food has to offer I have always had a love of and then later, an affinity with the many ingredients especially spices. The myriad of ways you can mix and blend them to give beautifully complex, layered flavours.

The different types of heat, the rich heady flavours that can be imparted to otherwise ordinary or even mundane dishes all led to what has become a lifelong love affair with flavour. They say that smell is the second most evocative sense. I defy anyone to stand over a hot skillet with cloves, cardamom, mace, cinnamon and coriander seed toasting to say there could be a more evocative sense than smell....

I have since spent time in some of the best kitchens in the UK and Europe even, trying to learn the skills i need to be able to put this passion into practice. By merging the culinary techniques and heritage of European cuisine with the wonders of Asian spicing and centuries of history of the East I hope to come up with results that are greater than merely the sum of the parts.

The site is meant to be fun and hopefully interesting with lots of recipes and hints and tips as well as other bits which I hope will be of interest! Namely progress with my restaurant and general musings about food. This is my first foray into the scary world of websites and I’m sure many of you will have some great ideas and tips for me which I will be immensely grateful for so please shout if you think I can improve anything or if I am missing something you would like to see on here.

Have a mooch and I hope you find it interesting!